top image: commissioned oil painting
bottom image: commissioned monotype
Richardís true passion is portrait painting. His expressive style captures the personality of the subject, as well as their likeness. His commissions come from people who are attracted to the strong painterly style, bold choices of color, and clarity of character that each portrait reflects.

Because of the time required to do portraits, Richard works from photographs supplied by the individual. He prefers, if possible, to meet his subjects in person to get a better sense of their character and taste.

Though most of his commissions are for oil paintings, Richard also makes portraits using a monotype process. These are created by painting on a glass plate and hand pressing it on to paper. Repeating the process builds up the surface, allowing direct painting or scratching. Even in this smaller format, he's able to capture the personality of his subjects through color, line and texture.

Before any commission begins, a simple written agreement outlining the project, approval process, payment, and delivery is drawn up. A 30 percent non-refundable deposit is requested. This deposit covers the cost of materials and is applied toward the final payment upon completion.

Commissioned works vary in price depending on size and medium.

Please contact Richard for more information.